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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

Three Is A Charm!
Dedicated to Patti Palcic and our children

Submitted by Anthony

I am submitting the story of my wife's life experiences, and to share her dreams of Hawaii that she never experienced in her life. Patti married just 11 days after turning 18 to Tommy. She had a unhappy childhood, something that she did not deserve. Tommy made her feel alive and truly loved. They had a simple wedding, justice of the peace ceremony, no honeymoon, just the dream of going to Hawaii someday. That dream turned into a horrible nightmare, you see Tommy was killed in a motorcycle accident 1 day before their 3rd wedding anniversary. She survived the tragedy, but became too close of friends with her deceased husband's best friend. I guess you would call this a relationship a disaster in the making. It was a rebound love so she thought, the only good thing that came out of this 2nd marriage was her son Victor III. It was a turbulent marriage that Patti pulled enough strength to get out of. This was also a justice of the peace wedding with no honeymoon. Then after being on her own raising her son, not looking for a relationship, Patti met me (Tony). We worked together, she didn't date people she worked with, I changed her views on that. This her 3rd marriage was to be her charm! Just a justice of the peace ceremony, you see we were both married twice before. We didn't have the money for a honeymoon to our dream of Hawaii. It's going on 16 years we have 2 sons together and I have helped raise her first son since he was 3. Our children our 9 (Anthony II) and 18 months (Tommy). Patti and the children are the best thing in my life, now maybe soon we could have that honeymoon you see 3 is a charm! People that we worked with said it would never last, it was an office romance, they thought, we knew better. If we get to go on that honeymoon at least the little ones have their 19 year old brother to be with them, so we can have a real dream honeymoon, in Hawaii.........

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