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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

Once More With Feeling
Dedicated to My husband Richard

Submitted by Gloria

My husband invited me to join him on his all expense paid International Congress of Pediatrics meeting on Oahu, Hawaii. WOW!

I was ready to forgive him for all his late nights, weekends, holidays, and other miscellanii that kept him away from home. I prepared my wardrobe and was packed weeks ahead.

We arrived. I unpacked. He checked in with his group. I went to dinner. He went to a meeting. I went snorkeling. He went to a meeting. I went to the Arizona. He attended a meeting. I toured the art museum, the cemetary, the rain forest and various open houses. He attended the meetings. I paddled an outrigger canoe and he went to a meeting. I was at the golf course at 5 a.m. and he attended an early meeting. I walked the beach in the moonlight. He went to a late meeting. I got a tan. He didn't. Get the picture? He has forgotten the meetings but I still haven't forgotten the loneliness. To make matters worse, I had to pay my own way! He reminded me that he had said that all of his expenses were paid.

However, I'm willing to try it again. If I win the trip to Hawaii, I'll take him with me and give him another chance for romance. Afterall, how can I be mad at him because while I'm writing this, he's washing the dishes.

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