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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

"Our Journey to Hawaii
Dedicated to Laura MacLeod-Wolfe

Submitted by Brad

"I wish our trip to Hawaii in October would be our second Honeymoon", I said this to my now wife (again) Laura as we drove to a Valentine's getaway in 1999.

With our twists and turns we have long since rewritten the norm for two people in love to be together. Our journey began in 1995 when we began a long distance relationship. I'm from Calgary, Canada and Laura is from Seattle, Washington. Originally it was very romantic being in a "international love affair", but as time wore on and our feelings for each other grew and we realized that we wanted to be together. We married in Seattle on July 5th, 1996 and proceeded with my immigration process to the US.

After what seemed like an eternal nine months I was granted admission. Proceeding then to begin a new chapter of life with my arrival in Seattle, May of 1997. Sadly, the transition for both of us was more than we expected. This was not the wildly romantic "international love affair" anymore. We hit the many real issues that most couples hit when relocation and "reality" are involved.

I had difficulty adjusting to a large American City, after living in Calgary 35, plus years I missed "home" more than I thought I would, and I was faced with rebuilding a career. Laura on the other hand did her best to be the supportive partner, preparing our new home as best she could, being the breadwinner and adjusting to having someone new living in her "quiet little home".

We separated in the Fall of 1997 to everyone's surprise- mostly ours though. This was not the plan- how did things go wrong so quickly. We searched for answers and tried our best, but it appeared that this leg of journey was over. We divorced in August of 1998.

It's said that "all things happen for a reason". I am now a true believer. As we began talking again we both realized that we did truly love each other. We decided that if it was going to work this time that we needed to rebuild very slowly.

It was a slow and awkward time- dating each other when we had been married and lived together, but we now had the luxury of pacing ourselves and honoring each other's needs. We spent Christmas 1998, in Victoria, BC, which was wonderful. All the while choosing not to be "intimate", but rather to really spend time getting to know each other.

As, I said at the outset, "I wish our trip to Hawaii in October would be our second Honeymoon", and it was. We were remarried on July 5th, 1999.

...and during our first sunset evening on Maui, we walked with hands intertwined on a picturesque beach near Ka'anapali. One chapter ending with the warm waves softly erasing our foot prints, and our next chapter beginning as we realized a dream with our "second" honeymoon- in Hawaii.

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