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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Journey through the Heart of the Dragon
Dedicated to Timeless Souls

Submitted by DeSimone

The new moon set over Hawaii as if it were a prelude to the year of the chinese dragon. I could smell the pint of ale through a sticky summer breeze; and it hit me like an electrical current from the cherry pie lips of an auburn eyed frat boy. My eyes closed and my soul entered a new territory, and so did the dragon in a parallel universe. The dragon entered it's own castle only to find itself in the midst of a subterranean Carnival Queen x Zaberot dungeon. The orchids did a tribal dance to welcome the heliotrope flower fairies. They flew in random patterns traffic controlled by a gentle, chilly ghostlike wind. The flower fairies sang with brilliantly harmonized angelic voices to a melody I could not put out of my head. "Love is a dragon of passionate flames, that soars through emotions randomly like a plane, for no particular reason. This angry stream of consciousness, colorizes the sky with explosions of pinks, yellows, oranges, and whites. It's face and it's tail are blood red after it's feast, for it cannot hide the leftover traces of it's passion. Fear drives it's force within, to revisit old places, places it's been, and I guess that's where you come along. This lonely lost dragon longs to fly. Time is only it's map. The wind don't tell. The heart don't tell. Time due, he will tell on you."

The year of the chinese dragon has graced us with it's prescence. My eyes open as my lips are still locked to that of the cherry pie lips owned by the auburn eyed frat boy. Love does stand the test of time.

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