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Love Stories of Hawaii

Long Distance Love

Kissing in Kauai
Dedicated to

Submitted by Stephanie

I love to kiss my husband, I admit it. In the rain, in the snow, in the middle of the day, anywhere in the world. But there is nothing better than kissing in Kauai.

My husband and I met while working together on a short-term volunteer project, building a school in the Marshall Islands. After working together for seven days, we fell in love (I'm sure it was the way he kissed me that convinced me that he was the ONE). On the way back to our respective homes, me to Maryland and Harry to Manitoba, Canada, we stopped over in Oahu for 1 day. We spent the day at the beach, falling in love with each other and with Hawaii. We promised each other that someday we would return to Hawaii.

We courted for 15 months, visiting each other as often as we could, and spending way too much on long-distance. After taking out a loan to pay the phonebills, my husband-to-be introduced me to the wonder of the Internet. We wrote thousands of letters to each other, declaring our love and planning for the future. It was a wonderful time and a terrible time. Anyone who has attempted a long-distance relationship knows what this statement means.

One year later, we went to Hawaii for our honeymoon. We went to Kauai first, and planned to get a tour of the island. Our hotel was located right on the beach, and each morning we woke up with a kiss from the ocean spray on our faces. The place that meant the most to us was in a small place on the east coast of the island. The Wedding Grove, I think it was called. Here people come from all over the world to renew their vows and remember how it felt when they first said "I do." I promised Harry and no matter how long we were married, I would never forget the first time I realized that I loved him.

It became a game for us, to see all the beautiful places we could kiss at. They were the soft kisses that you give to your baby when you cannot express your feelings in words. We kissed at the chocolate-covered-coffee-bean-factory, we kissed after eating a piece of sugarcane, given to us by our tour guide, and we kissed at the open market after drinking a coconut full of coco-milk (as we called it).

It would mean so much to both of us to be able to go back to Hawaii and relive the magic. It's so easy to get caught up in the everyday routine of our lives, and forget the magic we once felt. Thank you for this opportunity to go back to Hawaii.

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