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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Love has no Time frame
Dedicated to Rosalia Vielma

Submitted by Alcario

Her beauty unparalleled only by the beautiful islands of Hawaii, her eyes glistening like the moonlight bouncing off calm ocean waters, her smile as big and beautiful as any volcano in Hawaii. Her name is Rosalia and we met six years ago in a college ethics class. What began by being on the same project team has gone from becoming friends, to becoming best friends and now to being boyfriend and girlfriend. From day one I knew that Rosalia was the one for me, however I hesitated for six years to ask her to become my girlfriend. I was so captured by her beauty that I didn't want to lose her as a friend. I figured that becoming bestfriends was in our best interest To this day I have never looked back on that decision, because over the last six years we have drawn even closer to one and other in good and in bad times. In the last six years I felt her pain and suffering and would cry along with her when she was hurt by someone she was dating. When we would finally hang up I would sit in my room and think to myself, why not end all of her hurt and suffering by asking her to be my girlfriend. This way I could provide her with the comfort and love that she deserved and was missing in her life. It took me six years to build up to the moment to ask her to be my girlfriend.She said yes on January 29,2000. Today I realize that those last six years were a test of time and it was well worth the wait. Rosalia is now what I live for, I have put her on a pedestal so that she can feel the love and comfort she deserves. In Rosalia I have found my soulmate,my love and a bestfriend. To say the least she completes me. Over the last six years Rosalia has carved out a very special place in my heart.This space was empty for so long and today it overflows with joy and happiness, like the lava flowing out of mount Kilauea. Rosalia is my timeless love, I would have waited to the end of time just to be with her and make her happy. Today, Rosalia is my girlfriend and I Hope to be able to grow old with her by my side.

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