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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Love from far away
Dedicated to Debbie, my Wife

Submitted by Rory

Our love started almost 19 years ago. We met in a hospital. She was a radiology student and I was working part time as a security guard in addition to my primary job as a Air Force Policeman. It was love at first site. We were married about two months later. We have never been on a honeymoon and have always dreamed of going to Hawaii. With my military career, my wife's radiology career, and our children we have not found the time to share that special moment. I am now in the reserves on temporarly on active duty and I am stationed in Oklahoma. My wife is still in Washington with my last daughter. I have just been extended for another 15 months. We have been apart for the last year and a half. We love each other more every day. It also gets harder ever day. We'er doing what we have to do for our family, which means sacrificing our time together for right now. Who ever said "Absence makes the heart fonder" knew what he or she was saying. The only thing he or she didn't say was how bad it hurts being apart. It would really be nice to share some long over due quality time with debbie in Hawaii. At night I lay in bed and just want to cuddle with debbie. During the day I think of her and wish I could just hold her hand. At times I would just like to hear her voice, to talk to her in person and share what I am feeling. I want to give her and my family every thing they want. That is why I am doing my job in the military away from my family. Don't get me wrong, I love my job and serving my country. I just wish I could make the money to support my family without having to be away from them. I miss them so much. Sometimes I wonder if I have been a good father and a good husband. I know everything I have done is filled with love and I have done what I think is best. I can never come up with the answer if I have been or not. I wonder if my children will hold what I have done against me or not. I know debbie would love to go to Hawaii. She would be able to relax and we could have our honeymoon after all. Our love is timeless and never ending.

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