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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Dedicated to Chris Appia

Submitted by Cheryl

I used to dream about meeting a tall, dark, handsome stranger, falling in love and living happily ever after. The love of my life is tall, dark and handsome, which is what drew me to him nearly six years ago. But now he draws me to him with his warmth, kindness and understanding nature.

In September of 1998, Chris got on bended knee and surprise me with a proposal of marriage and a gorgeous wedding ring. We are set to be married in Las Vegas, complete with an Elvis impersonator minister, on February 19, 2000. But what has changed my life forever is the diagnosis we received November of 1999. I have cancer of the pancreas. With a grim prognosis of months to live. A very big shock for an otherwise healthy 39 year old.

I used to believe Chris came into my life for my 11 year old son Josh's sake. He is an excellent role model. He goes to parent teacher conferences, school field trips, coached his basketball team and is always there for homework. He can't imagine life without Josh nor Josh without him. I now realize Chris is in my life for me.

He has given me courage, determination and a strength I never knew I had. I know I will overcome this disease with his guidance and love. I mostly feel good and have a renewed energy that I haven't felt since, I fell ill over a year ago. I give Chris a lot of credit for this because he has given me the will to live, by showing me what I have to live for.

When my hair started to fall out due to chemotherapy he offered to shave his own hair, as well as Josh's, in support but I wouldn't let him. He makes sure I eat and take my supplements without fail. When I am feeling down he brings me right up with his sense of humor and optimistic attitude. I have never heard him a negative word about others and he always see's the best in people. He makes me feel beautiful and needed with his words as well as his looks of love. I'm very lucky to have him.

I now dream of growing old with him and taking care of each other while still enjoying life to it's fullness. He is my rock and gives me a soft warmth inside like a carefree walk on a warm sunny beach in Hawaii, a place I'm told, where dreams come true.

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