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Love Stories of Hawaii

Long Distance Love

Our Storybook Romance
Dedicated to

Submitted by Seth

For all intents and purposes, they should never have met. For she was working happily as a first grade teacher in Seattle, and he was building a career as a sales representative (some 3,000 miles away) enjoying his life in Boston. But atop the Caribbean Sea, and amongst 2,000 other passengers, they did meet, and their lives would never be the same.

Seth spotted Kristin shortly after boarding the Sun Princess, one of Princess Cruises "Love Boats." He noted to himself how pretty she was, but did not say a word to her; and she, unbeknownst to him, took notice of his prowess at "Boggle" a game she too enjoyed. A few hours later, they would be arguing affectionately about that game, and a thousand other things on their way to the most wonderful week of their lives.

They spent sun-soaked days together on the beaches of Grand Cayman, Jamaica, and Mexico. They spent endless nights aboard the moonlit decks of the ship. Other passengers were convinced they were honeymooners, for they seemed so comfortable and so relaxed together, and all week they were inseparable. And as that week neared its end, both wondered, "What now?" and what to do with this most inconvenient relationship. After all, neither had any desire to leave their friends, family, and job amidst tears, and heart-wrenching good-byes, they resolved to stay in as close touch as possible and let destiny take its course.

Seth wrote Kristin on his plane ride home about his incomparable week, and how he already missed her dearly. Kristin e-mailed at her first instance, and a long distance relationship began. They started talking once a week, then twice. Then it was every day without fail. Letters filled their mail boxes, visits to Boston and Seattle were planned, and their fondness grew rapidly.

They swam in the waters of Cape Cod, and strolled hand-in-hand down the cobblestone streets of Boston. They dined atop Seattle's Space Needle and picnicked under Snoqaulmie Falls. They went to family weddings and graduations together, knowing always that this was to be the great love of their lives, even if it blossomed with 3,000 miles between them; for when they were together, no one doubted they were not meant to be apart.

Seth had imagined how beautiful Hawaii might be, and when a company trip brought him there, he realized there was no better place to ask the most beautiful girl he had ever known to spend the rest of her life with him. After a candlelit dinner in Maui's Swan Court, he dropped to a knee, and with the Pacific Ocean behind him, he asked Kristin to be his wife. No distance, no obstacle, no hardship could keep them apart, and they were married in July, on the shores of Lake Washington.

They will always remember Hawaii as the place where a wonderful chapter of their storybook romance was written, and look forward to a return to that paradise.

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