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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Dear Peke
Dedicated to Rebecca McKinney

Submitted by Lane

My Dearest Peke,

August 3rd, 1974 was the happiest day of my life. In a little church is Waipahu, you became my wife. Remember how happy we were as we walked down the aisle, with all our friends there to share our joy. You were so beautiful, in a white dress and yellow lei. We took our vows, pledging our love forever. Under a shower of rice, a young man and the love of his life were on their way to a Honeymoon in Waikiki.
I remember how later, on the lanai in the hotel, we watched in awe as the golden Hawaiian sun set on our first night as man and wife.

The years we spent together in Hawaii passed too quickly, as if they were a beautiful dream. Remember the time we borrowed Toms motorcycle and rode all the way around the island, and how sunburned we were afterwards? And the time we went hiking at Waimea Falls, and how we left the trail and made our own way to that huge rock, where we could see the falls from above, the sun making a rainbow through the mist.

I'll never forget New Years Eve, 1976. The 10th floor apartment in Salt Lake, the roar of firecrackers, and the smoke drifting up to our lanai like fog. Remember how we sang Auld Lang Sang to each other, so off key, and laughed until we cried.

We were so young, and so in love. We had a beautiful life, and being in Hawaii, it seemed as if we were truly in Paradise. Life went on, and soon, with heavy hearts, we left the islands. It was like a dream that ended too soon.

The years have passed, but the bond we made in Hawaii is even stronger. We have been through good times and bad. You have given me a wonderful son. We have shared each others joy, and held each other through the times of pain. You have aged with grace and beauty, and my love for you grows stronger every day.

Now, my Dearest Peke, I am on bended knee, no longer a young man, but with a proposal that burns stronger than in 1974. Will you make my life complete, and in honor of the 25 wonderful years you have given me, return with me to Hawaii to renew our vows? Lets return to Paradise, stand together on the beach at sunset, and once again pledge our love, and our lives, to each other.

All My Love, Forever,


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