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Love Stories of Hawaii

Long Distance Love

The Never-ending First Date
Dedicated to Greg Thrower

Submitted by Terri

As soon as I heard Greg's voice, I knew he was the one.

My friend, Jami, had just moved from Ohio to Alaska when she met Greg. "I've met your soulmate," she kept telling me. I didn't believe it until I heard his voice that first phone call.

Greg and I talked on the phone for hours every day after that, falling deeply in love. Six weeks later, our first meeting turned out to be our first date. He flew to Ohio from Fairbanks, and we drove across the country together, back to his home.

Just a few months after arriving in Fairbanks, Jami performed our wedding ceremony. We spent our honeymoon in Molokai, Hawaii, and renewed our vows on that magical island. Just the two of us, clad only in swimsuits, in the oldest ( and the smallest ) church on the island.

We are still on our first date, one that will last a lifetime. Greg is my best friend, and the love of my life. Thanks for the opportunity to share our story and the chance to return to the magical islands of Hawaii.

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