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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

From Hawaii to Eternity
Dedicated to Nana & Pop

Submitted by Jeanne

There are some people in this world who truly have their soul mate and show the world how to love with all their heart and soul. My grandparents were one of those people. As I grew up, I never heard a crossword or an angry look. Pop always called Nana his "Cupie Doll". Every evening after dinner, Pop-Pop would kiss Nana on the cheek and thank her for dinner. Then they would walk back to their room, holding hands. Wherever they went, they held hands.

For their 50th wedding anniversary, my parents took them to Hawaii. They simply fell in love with the islands. They loved walking on the beach, barefoot, hand in hand with the warm breeze caressing them. The flowers were a sight to behold, all colors with intoxicating sweet aromas. The water was clear and warm and they loved just floating looking at the swaying palm trees and white beach. Their week ended swiftly, and home they came.

Nana and Pop loved Hawaii so much; Pop saved for years from his small milkman pension to return. This trip, they told me was even better than the first. Every entertainer sang the Hawaiian Love Song to them as they were piled with Lais. They were a testament to the endurance of true love.

After they returned, Nana became sick with Alzheimer's. As this horrible disease took her mind, Pop would sit by her side, holding her hand, and talk about Hawaii. She would always smile. He would go to the florist and buy her Birds of Paradise and other Hawaiian flowers For five years Pop sat by her bedside and talked of them returning again to Hawaii, the isle of love, making her smile.

After Nana passed. Pop continued to talk about meeting his "Cupie Doll" in Hawaii.He would look at old photos from their trip for hours reminiscing.

Pop finally went to be with Nana. Dressed in his best suit, Pop wore a Lai around his neck and the room was filled with every Hawaiian flower we could possibly get in New Jersey. We knew that they were again walking hand in hand along Hawaii's beautiful beaches, this time for eternity.

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