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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

This really is our second chance
Dedicated to Skip Bergen

Submitted by Shawn

My husband and I were married 14 years ago on Valentines Day. So this Valentines Day will be the most special Anniversary/ Valentines Day yet.We had hoped to take a trip to Hawaii on our honeymoon and we decided we just couldn't afford it. We have talked about it several times through the years but two years ago I broke my ankle and 5 surgery's later I'm still out of work it has been postponed again. My husband has been wonderful through out my ordeal even though last February shortly after Valentines day we got the news that my husband needed immediate Open heart surgery, a triple bypass. So of course we did alot of praying but day's before that he and my son were out dirt bike riding and we were told that if he would have had a heart attack, that there would have been nothing anyone could do. I realize that if my son and his father had been alone together on one of there outings I would have lost more than just my husband that day. It all certainly has been a test of faith and everyday a love that I never knew could grow so strong has, I now thank god for everyday that we are together. And I also know that someday our dreams will come true and we will someday touch a little piece of heaven in Hawaii. And I thank god every day that we will touch it together.

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