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Love Stories of Hawaii

Long Distance Love

Our Reunion in Hawaii
Dedicated to Tom Maher

Submitted by Patricia

Tom, my husband of 8 months was sent to Ben Tuhy Vietnam in August of 1969. The only advantage of being shipped to Vietnam was that as a serviceman, the government would fly you to Hawaii for your R&R (rest and recouparation). I would have to pay for my airfare, which was discounted and also for all our expenses. The moment Tom left for Vietman, plans were underway for our reunion in April of 1970 in beautiful Hawaii. I believe at the time, this is what kept me going from day to day while he was serving his country in Vietnam. Daydreaming about our reuniting after 8 months of not being with each other was always on my mind. I would go to the library and research hotels and points of interest. Our budget was tight, so we could only stay on the main island. I arrived a day earlier than Tom did and had time to walk around and explore the sights. The hotel I chose was one across from the beach. We had a side balcony which gave us a beautiful view of the ocean. Upon Tom's arrival, we stayed on the balcony embracing and looking at the beautiful view before us. During our short five day stay, we traveled by car the entire island, visiting the Culture Center and also exploring the coast line. We dined at fine restaurants and had our pictures taken while enjoying dinner. Of course one of the most memorable evenings was being entertained by Don Ho, who announced our names and that we were on R&R after being apart for 8 months. We enjoyed the beach and being together in the water riding the waves, hugging each other as we went under water. The five days seemed to go by so quickly. I was to board my plane first and leaving my spectular surroundings was difficult, let alone leaving my husband knowing I would not see him for another four months. I can recount each day as if it happened last week. We have been married 30 years and we both cherish the memories of those five days in April 1970.

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