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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

The song of Noa Noa and Hiro
Dedicated to Everyone who has Polynesia in his heart

Submitted by Andrea

When the gods had just given up wandering the earth, when people called themselves human beings and their neigbors less flattering names. When the world still seemed so young, and innocent, there lived, in the village of Itti-a-Roa, a handsome young man by the name of Hiro and his fair maiden Noa Noa .

Having grown up together, somehow, they had always known that they had been meant for each other.Neither could remember a time when they had not been deeply in love
and both knew that there was no life for one without the other.

Then ,one day, Poona,the highest priest on the island came to Itti-a-Roa. His visit instilled the villagers with both apprehension and a sense of honour. They had not had such a high visitor for many years but they also knew that sometimes it did not mean anything good.

After having been sufficiently honored, wined and dined, Poona spoke of his mission.
Kona-he-keke, the high King of the island had been insulted by Noa Noa's ,father, Moana who had won a canoe race, beating the king's own team. This called for retribution and the only posessions Moana had, which were of any value, were his canoe and his beautiful young daughter.By sunrise, the next morning, Moana was to hand both over to the priest.

This left precious little time for the two young lovers. They knew that they were never going to be able to live apart. With their parents' aid they packed a little food and water into Moana's canoe and set off towards an island to be rumoured three days journey beyond the horizon. Hawaii, is what it was called, in the tales of the ancients.

Unfortunately, their escape had not gone unnoticed. The priest quickly charged the king's soldiers ,who had accompanied him, to set out after them. For days, Hiro and Noa Noa rowed as hard as they could.Until their hands were all bloody and numb. Until they were so exhausted that they no longer felt any fear.

Finally they saw Hawaii, their little paradise where they could live and love for ever after.As Hiro rose to get a better look, a spear out of nowhere, suddenly, pierced his chest.He sank into Noa Noa's arms and glanced up to her one last time as he died. In her pain Noa Noa pulledd the spear from his chest and pointed it at the priest, motioning him to stay away from her. Then she picked up Hiro's lifeless body, tied herself to him and jumped overboard.

The next morning the two lovers bodies washed ashore. In death they clung to one another in a tight embrace and an expression of deep felt happiness on their faces. The locals, touched by what they saw, burried them.

It is said, that, until this day, lovers who swear eternal love to each other, on this very spot, are granted their wish.

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