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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Seek And You Shall Find
Dedicated to Our beautiful marriage

Submitted by Patricia

My husband and I are firm believers that if you really want to "find" love, anything is possible, only believe! I was a single mom raising three wonderful sons after the loss of my husband after many years. Working fulltime and being very active in my sons' activities, the last thing I had time for was going out looking for an opportunity to "meet somebody".

Rick was a single dad raising three children also, two boys and a daughter. Also working fulltime and exhausted from physical labor.

Encouraged by friends we tried the personal column in a local newspaper, it seemed like a non-obtrusive way to make a connection with someone, simple, low key, and great for a shy reserved person which we both are. I responded to Ricks' ad, mainly because he stated that he liked antques, estate sales, flea markets and simple things in life. We met, dated for two years and got married in Dec. 1995.

We had our honeymoon on the wonderful island of Oahu, Waikiki Beach. We'll never forget watching sunrise over Diamond Head, sunsets with pink/coral skies. Full moon glistening on the waves at 3AM.

Our very special honeymoon in Hawaii was cut very short due to a phone call anouncing my moms' severe illness. We flew home immediately, and mom died two weeks later. We long to go back to Hawaii and continue our honeymoon. We listen to Hawaiian music in our home, and our oldest son even painted us a picture of Hawaii on our dining room wall, waves and all. Every night when we have dinner we look at the picture and dream about the beautiful things we saw and experience during the short time we were there. We want to go back so bad, that is why we are entering this contest. But even if we aren't the winners, we're so very happy. So happy that we weren't afraid to seek out, and we did "find" each other. Thank you for letting me share this story. Sincerely, Patricia

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