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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Our Hawaii
Dedicated to Art

Submitted by Susan

A gentle breeze blew across the beach, caressing my face, arms and legs. The smell of sweet papayas and sea salt filled the warm air. Memories of John washed over me like a crashing wave, riding high out to sea. Undulating currents, stirring the ocean deep, twisting, and curling back, splashing back down onto the lava rocks that lined the beach where we stayed.

John was wearing Bay Rum. He always wore Bay Rum, and it always reminded me of our time in Hawaii. I had such sweet memories of Hawaii, a time when we were so young. That was many years ago now, a time lost to the ages and the distance between us.

"Lost out in the sea somewhere. Ship went down, no bodies recovered." That was what I had been told. I did not believe it. I did not want to believe it. How could I live without my John? Slowly, I gazed out to the sea. It was such a painful place to look. It was the last place my John had been.

I would lie awake on many warm nights, dreaming of John. In my dreams, I saw him riding high on a wave, his golden hair flowing behind him like a yellow flag. His arms would reach out for me and I would fall into them willingly. He would hold me, caressing my skin with sea salt spray. His eyes were a deep green, and his mouth was pink and full. Together, we would ride on a wave far out to sea, always returning by early morning. Tangled in seaweed, we would tumble over the lava rocks in great big foaming bubbles, soaking the sand of our favorite beach.

I sighed heavily and turned away. I would never see my John again, this I had to live with. As I was about to turn up the path to our beach house, a playful wave tickled my feet. I looked down and saw that seaweed had tangled itself around my ankles. As I bent to remove it, I felt it tug gently. I laughed and puled at it harder. It was stubborn and I soon found myself walking back to the water's edge. When I looked up, I saw a sight that made me swoon. It was my beloved John. He was smiling up at me, and waved a seaweed arm for me to follow.

I stepped into the warm water and instantly, John was there. We held each other a while and looked deeply into upon each other's eyes. I nodded my head and followed him willingly out to sea. My John and me, we were together again, and this time it would be forever.

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