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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

My dearest Cyndi...
Dedicated to Cyndi Larrison

Submitted by Dave

My Dearest Cyndi-

How do I begin to tell you how much these last three years have meant to me? Surely words do not exist in any language to communicate how much I love you. Despite all the obstacles we've encountered, the detours taken and the tears we've cried together, "we" are now a fact. Daily, I have dreamed of this moment, wished on thousands of stars and prayed to my God that we would be together in spite of seemingly endless challenges since we first met on that August afternoon so long ago. And here we are, beginning to set our goals for the joyous future that is becoming a reality. I can now see clearly our plans to walk the tropical beaches of Hawaii... you in a pink sarong, me in white linen pants, hand in hand and barefoot on a moonlit shore. I can almost feel the warm trade winds and smell the perfume of exotic flowers while we stroll past the palm trees and listen to the surf breaking just beyond the reef. You are the most special creature I have ever met and I wanted you to know how delicious and warm the future looks with us in it together.

Always yours,


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