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Love Stories of Hawaii

Long Distance Love

A long trip to get here
Dedicated to AOL and the power of e-mail

Submitted by Doug

On October 21, 1999, I reveived an e-mail from a lady in Omaha who was moving to Orlando in November. She was interested in the area and meeting someone who knew the area and was interested in some companionship. Over a few weeks our relationship blossomed. She shared stories with me of her life in Hawai'i and the beauty of the islands. As a historian, I have always wanted to go to Hawai'i and see the sites at Pearl harbor and the volcanoes of the islands. After she moved to Orlando, we began making plans to spent the end of the millenium (the real one) in Hawai'i. We have been researching on-line (we met this way remember) and making our plans for our trip to the islands especially to see Hana. Aloha!!

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