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Love Stories of Hawaii

Long Distance Love

The Way to Live
Dedicated to My Traveling Partner

Submitted by Debbie

Each vacation to Hawaii causes me to love Hawaii more, and convinces me that I should be living on its beautiful shores.

From the moment I step off the plane into the open-air airport, the thought hits me anew that this is the place created with me in mind.

The almost constant warm tropical breeze feels like heavenly perfection against my skin. I would gladly give up winter coats and heavy sweaters to enjoy the best of summertime all year. Gladly would I also give up the hair dyers and curling irons whose work the breezes undo.

I've always loved bright colors and pretty flowers, so I could easily accustom myself to the bright fashions worn here. Each morning when I'd open my closet, I'd thrill at the muumuus of fuchsia, or yellow, or purple from which to choose. I'd wear a fresh flower in my hair to match my outfit and smile as I strapped on my favorite sandals, instead of pantyhose and high heels.

The quiet easy going pace of Hawaii makes it difficult to return home. I'd much prefer rising each morning to the sound of the wild roosters on Kauaii, or to the sight of another sunrise over the ocean. It would be easy to trade my life in the noisy city life for the sounds of ocean waves. Another easy trade to make would be celebrating a sunrise over Haleakula instead of while I trying to make my way to the skyscraper that holds my tiny office. Skyscrapers block the view of the sun until midmorning when the sun finally rises higher than the buildings. How much better it would be to be able to view the sunrise from the moment in peeks over the horizon instead of viewing it from the driver's seat of my car, locked in traffic.

The thoughts of a diet that includes fresh pineapple, Cheeseburgers in Paradise, Lappert's ice cream and pina coladas is much more palatable than fast food hamburgers and fries served from a drive-thru window and eaten in the car on the way to some business meeting.

I would be happy to quit the race for status symbols, and enjoy the home and cars of Hawaii whose priorities are comfort and functionality more than style and impressing the neighbors. When I'd feel the need to decorate a room I'd decorate it with flowers from my garden. How wonderful to have Hawaii's abundant sunshine and rain and twelve-month growing season, so that even I could finally have a green thumb.

How welcome to live in a place where different cultures come together in harmony and no one cares whether your eyes slant or how dark or light your skin. I'd be content to trade the prejudices of home for this utopia.

Since living in Hawaii is not possible for me, the next best thing is to take any many vacations as possible there. The eight-hour flight is not enough to deter me from my all-time favorite vacation spot

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