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Love Stories of Hawaii

Long Distance Love

Seven Sacred Trips
Dedicated to Barbara Rosenthal, my wife of 13 years

Submitted by Bob

Barbara and I met on an airplane flying between New York and San Francisco in November of 1982. We instantly fell in love. I like to kid her, and say that she loved me so much that she moved to Hawaii 2,500 miles further away from me!

Barbara insists that she had to move to Hawaii to experience the feeling of Aloha 24 hours a-day. And not to get away from me. It is only after 7 trips to court her and subsequent trips after our marriage that I truly understand.

In the Spring of 1983, five months after our initial visit, I sort of invited myself to visit Barbara in Oahu for two weeks and felt scared to death to have done something so bold. But our love did hold together since our November meeting and seemed to flourish as soon as we got to know each other again.

It was on that spring trip that we decided to visit Maui together and that became the first of my seven sacred courting trips to Hawaii. Subsequent trips, as short as a long weekend, found our love growing and our outer island trips increasing. We experienced the Pacific Grand Canyon on Kuaii, the pineapple fields and a campout on Manele Bay, the volcano of the Big Island and the serenity of Waimea Bay.

Our long distance romance ended in 1986 when Barbara moved to Long Beach where we were married. In December, 1986 we honeymooned on Oahu. One precious current Hawaii moment was when we shared the beaches of the North Shore and the beauty of Diamond Head with Molly, our 7 year old daughter. Hawaii never looked so beautiful when we watched Molly, from our hotel lanai, take a surfing lesson in Diamond Head.

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