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Love Stories of Hawaii

Long Distance Love

You Complete Me
Dedicated to My husband Shane Sullivan

Submitted by Lisa

I always thought i knew what love was, I had fallen in and out of "love" so many times that my ideas were becoming very tarnished. I had lost hopes that there really was that one person who was truly your soul mate. At a time in my life when I had given up ever finding true happiness Shane came into my life. Through a chance meeting through friends I was introduced to this man who would change my life forever. Love didn't just instantly appear (as I always thought it would)It just crept up on the both of us with very subtle indications that "This was the person I was meant to spend my life with" For the first time in my life someone had accepted me for who I was instead of what I could give them and what they could take from me. There were no hidden agendas here just someone with a beautiful soul. We came from similar backgrounds both of us having been raised in broken homes and both had our share of heartbreaks. you would think that this would make us bitter people but instead we knew that we wanted to right all the wrongs from our early years. We spent a year and half together growing, learning and loving and doing our best to melt together our two families meaning shane and his two daughters with myself and my son. I will not say that it was always any easy process but it was one that we were determined to make work as we loved each other so much and we knew that the two of us had so much love to give to our children. We were married in March of 1999 and then Shane was called overseas to serve in South Korea for 12 months without his family. This was devastating for the both of us as we vowed we would never live life appart after we had finally found one another. you see we are truly connected by our souls and to take one of us away from the other would be like telling us not to live. But like all good soldiers shane followed the direction of the Army and left in June for Korea. For the both of us the past 7.5 months have been unbearable not to mention for our children. I think we own stock in AT@T now as we average $1000 monthly phone bills but the money does not matter. What matters is the two of us being connected in any way possible for our sakes and for our childrens. We continue this long distance love being physically and emotional faithful to the love we have created with each other. I get down very often trying to be the mother and the father and taking care of working and the home while still keeping shanes spirits up being over there all alone. On a day when i just felt my worst my shane called and I tearfully told him how i felt like i was in physical pain with him being gone. He told me to close my eyes and imagine him and i being in a beutiful place like Hawaii on a beach together in each others arm just holding one another and loving one another. you know i could almost feel it maybe just because my heart wants him so badly. He then told me to remember that the army may have taken him away but the one thing they cannot stop is time and that in time we would be back together loving each other.The only way i can discribe this love is that "Shane completes me." He is my heart, my soul, the air I breath,food that feeds my heart. Now I look back on those times that I thought I knew what love was and I realize that I was so "incomplete".

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