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Love Stories of Hawaii

Long Distance Love

Forever love
Dedicated to My fiancee

Submitted by Ali

We had both given up on finding that special one, our soulmate. Neither one of us dated coming from old fashioned Iranian families. Then we met on the Internet and over time came to like one another, then I flew to LA to meet her in person (I'm winging you're way. For a day maybe more, dependent if it's fate or just circumstance. I'm looking for love, I might find a lifetime or just circumstance. I'm looking for my heart, my soul, will I find my other half or just circumstance? I'm looking but so is she, is it forever or just circumstance? A poem by ARM)

and love bloomed it was like we had known each other a hundred years. (I knew you before then we were here. Who left first? Only he knows. Am I born to early, or to late? Only he knows. Where you are, who you are. Only he knows. You were my heart and I yours. How to find you? Only he knows. A poem by ARM)

We instantly started planning the honeymoon in Hawaii, on the beautiful island of Kauai. We're just waiting for my job to start in LA and then the wedding and the honeymoon then life with my soulmate, my lifemate.

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