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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

Royal Blessings
Dedicated to Lovers Everywhere

Submitted by Cyndy

She couldn't believe she was boarding the plane, leaving her Hawaiian Paradise. It seemed like only yesterday that she was frolicking under the waterfalls and sharing sandy kisses with him. They had promised to be together forever, even though her family forbade the love they shared. For she was destined to be the next princess of Maui, and he was a foreigner to her land.

It had all started out so innocent, as she strolled through her garden, taking in the beauty of the island. He, a tourist, had wandered away from his guide, and suddenly found himself in the midst of her roses. She was startled when she saw him; no one was allowed entry to the grounds. She turned to run, but his smile was so inviting it seemed to magnetically draw her back to him. His voice was gentle and urged her to come-hither. He spoke softly at first, explaining how he had arrived there, and then, suddenly, he told her she was thee most beautiful vision he had ever seen. It was love at first sight, and by the end of the afternoon, she had sworn her heart to him.

They met secretly for months, and then came the day when she told her family that she was desperately in love with him, and wanted to denounce her title to be his wife. Her father was vehement, and he swore that this would never happen. Immediately he called the guards, and had him banished from the island. She knew her father's rage, and she begged him to change his mind. But he was adamant and he vowed that if she walked out of the castle he would disown her and banish her too. She was afraid, so she went to her room and cried. She cried for what seemed like forever.

Her heart was breaking daily, and one morning she decided that she would leave her home and find her love. She remembered he mentioned growing up in Chicago, so she packed her suitcase and found herself boarding the plane. Would she find him in such a big city? Was there any chance for their love when she knew she had broken her promise to him by not leaving that day?

As the plane taxied down the runway, her heart fell for she knew it was almost hopeless. Then, suddenly, the pilot announced that there were mechanical problems and the plane would have to turn around. As they left the plane and were ushered into the airport, she saw him there, and he saw her too. She walked, nay ran to him, and his arms opened wide to hold her. At first she didn't notice her father standing behind him, and he explained to her how he had won her father over. Together they would rule Hawaii as Man and Wife, with the royal blessings.

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