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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Heavenly Love
Dedicated to Our Son

Submitted by Cyndy

January 19, 1998

My darling :

I am writing to you because it has been too long since we last spoke, since our last embrace. It has been too long since they took you away from me. The day you left, I knew I could not go on without you. The blue skies of Hawaii no longer hold images of dreams and promises. The warm, bright sun who used to once embrace us with it's glory no longer gives me warmth. Those once inviting, rolling waves now give me cause to turn and look away. For there is no beauty here without you anymore. Nothing to hold me to it's white beaches and swaying palm trees. Life now seems ugly and dirty, and I long to be with you once again. And so , my love, tonight I will join you. Only moments ago I bought myself a ticket to heaven, and the train is slowly moving now. Soon I will know the splendor of your love once again. To some I may be considered a coward. I never was very brave, you knew that. You knew everything about me , and loved me without reservation. !
Soon, my love, so soon

February 27, 1998

My dearest love :

Again it has been much too long, however I can not join you now, although I long for you all the time. My journey was suddenly detoured and my destination changed. For now there is someone who exists, and needs me to stay. He needs my love and care, and can not live without me. The little boy we always dreamed of is now knocking on our door. I promise you that our son will know you and how much you love him. Every night I see you in my dreams, yours is the last voice I hear as I drift off into the dark abyss. Your arms enfold me and when I awake I feel your lips on mine. I will always love you.

April 6, 1999

My beloved husband :

Today we walked along the beautiful, white sands and the waves beckoned us to come and play. Danny so loves the blue, crystalline waters, and he rushes to the surf, the way his father once did. You would be so proud, as I am. He pointed to the sun and said, "fire in the sky ? "Yes, darling. Daddy builds that fire in the sky everyday to keep us warm. " He is the very embracement of our love, and everyday he brings you closer to me. I know now that it was you who derailed my train that night and canceled my ticket. You knew even then that there was a reason for me not to join you yet. You're still looking out for me, protecting me, loving me. Life is beautiful and worth living again, and I take comfort in the memory of your love. Even death can not part us. Thank you, my darling, for loving me.

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