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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Encaptured Dreams
Dedicated to Karl Schaefer-The love of my life.

Submitted by Mayda

Kauai, Hawaii has completely encaptured my imagination. When I look at the pictures on my desk, it's as if I can feel the tropical breeze come to life and carry me back in time to the lush scenery and idyllic days spent with the timeless, love of my life, on vacation.

My mind jumps to the lush North shore of the island where we follow a guidebook map to a secluded beach. By secluded they mean very few people are foolish enough to actually attempt the life threatening cliff decent. The sweet fragrance of fermenting fruit and plumaria flowers is heavy along the trail. Wonderfully unfamiliar vegetation along with banana and mango trees line a gorgeous beach. The Kauai sand is course and colorful and bonds instantly to ...everything, especially sunscreen which of course, our sun deprived skins were absolutely saturated in. By the end of the day the coating had baked in and we were not only a few pounds heavier, but resembled a deep fried corn dogs wearing snorkel gear.

My thoughts race off to the West Side of the Island known for the Waimea Canyon. They call it the "Grand Canyon of the Pacific." It's amazingly vast and beautiful with each layer of ancient lava flow represented in vivid hues, plummeting over 3,600 feet down. In the midst of this humbling feat of nature, I'm actually entertained by other tourists who are madly chasing chickens around the parking lot, bravely attempting to take close up pictures with "wild game animals." It's also possible that they were staying in Princeville as well and were just in dire need of an affordable meal.

In a blink we're back in the Princeville condo, eating cold pizza for the 3rd time and re-evaluating our stand on wild chicken. The sun melts magically over the ocean turning the sky an array of vibrant colors. It's romantic and intoxicating (maybe that's the maitai). As it darkens an army of tiny lizards, called geckos converge on all the windows, scaring me.

In an instant we're back on a zodiac raft riding the ocean swells swiftly up the jagged NaPali coast, drenched with ocean spray and laughter as spinner dolphins dance and leap effortlessly through the waves. The cliffs and valleys are lush and fertile and water falls freely from the steep slopes to shower the sea below. We enter a deep water cave, instantly submerged in darkness, the sounds of the ocean intensify inside as the ocean plummets the rock walls, and I'm positive that after millions of years of this type of beating, the cliff side is sure to come crashing down at this very moment! What fun!

Reluctantly, I open my eyes, and my warm, tropical sun fades into florescent lighting and a long since cold cup of coffee is the maitai I long for, but I'm able to face reality again. I pray that destiny will write a future for my husband and I in paradise, but I can only dream.....

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