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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Your heart Smiled
Dedicated to Serena Hanson

Submitted by John

Love is the absolute hardest thing to define, but this struggle is mine because our love is so divine.

Dearest Sweetheart,

Your heart smiled at me last night. While the ceaseless tide of soporific breathing came and went I became aware of a minute voice singing a song so sweet it would have made the Angels cry.

I bent my head slightly so I didn't miss one note of this heavenly aria. As I did I noticed it was your heart taking a moment to breathe in the love energy that it seems to be fueled by. This was a most enchanting discovery and before I could whisper a sincere word of love, it spied me. It looked at me and smiled the widest most tenderloving smile that I have ever felt in my entire life.

Then it started to speak to me and say all the things that I knew it contained. Things like if ever two people were meant for each other then it is you and I. When the stars shine at night it is because our love has willed it to be. The flowers that bloom only do so because they are dancing to the chorus of our hearts. And on it spoke until I knew one other thing for certain, that our lives represent the light that will shine bright in a world deeply darkened by hate. Regardless of the changes in the millennium that we will always be the love written about in myths to come.

At this point I had to interject that it was easy loving you that everything you are draws me deeper into that feeling. Which brought about the best smile of all, a reward that I was definitely not working for, and I allowed a single tear of joy to escape. As your heart witnessed this tear fall, it spoke of a secret dream of yours. The lush description of islands and beaches reminded me very much of Hawaii. The last words of our encounter were an urging for me to take you to this wonderous place.

I love you so much that I could only have shared such a moment with your heart and even though I have no pictures to prove it, Your Heart Smiled At Me!!!!

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