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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

Garage Sales to Wedding Bells
Dedicated to Derek Wrenn

Submitted by Lori

Second chance at love? Really now, how many chances does each person really get anyway? Hundreds, I tell you. Since we were 13 years old, we were searching for that special someone who would make our hearts flutter and our heads spin. I say we have tons of chances at love. But to be quite frank, after the breakup of my 4 year marriage, I never thought I'd even want to love again. Then one Saturday morning, I went to a garage sale with my mother. It was barely 7:00 AM; I was wearing absolutley NO makeup, my outdated large-framed glasses, an old sweat suit, and let's not even discuss my hair! And then I saw him. A guy I used to go to high school with, very handsome, rummaging through the junk with his dad. I remembered him very well. His name was Derek Wrenn and he had been in the ROTC at my high school. We had signed each others yearbooks saying "Wish I could have gotten to know you better" and then not really followed through. We had graduated 8 years earlier. "Well, what the heck" I thought. And I walked right up to him and said hello. He was wonderfully polite and quite the gentleman to carry my mother's "treasures" home for her in his pickup truck. Come to find out, he went home and looked up my picture in the yearbook to find out who I was. But he called and we set up our first date of dinner and a movie. I was afraid he wouldn't call again because I had to tell him that I couldn't go out the next weekend because I was going to be a contestant on Wheel of Fortune. I finally convinced him that it was true, we continued to see each other after my appearance on Wheel, and we ended up on the road to romance. What a bargain we found that day at the sale. Our honeymoon took us to Australia (courtesy of Wheel) who also gave us other great prizes and cash. Eight years later, here we still are. "Big money" spent, trip taken and two wonderful children to show for it. We have a very happy life - our own home in the country near our folks, teacher and firefighter jobs, quality time with our kids watching Barney and eating McDonald's. But often we daydream what it would be like to drift off in our minds to that beautiful island of Hawaii and bask in the warm sun on the beach with a cool drink in our hands (and not just apple joice). Quiet breezes blowing and the sound of the ocean waves hitting the shore. Nights of fine dinners and candlelight. Sleepy mornings (alone together) disturbed only by the knock of the waiter bringing breakfast in bed. Dancing without having toput your left foot in and shaking it all about. Hawaii....what a dream.

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