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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Incredible Beginings in Love
Dedicated to Chris

Submitted by Katie

After a year of working together, Chris and I shared many stories of our lives. Our separate lives. Little did we know that both of our relationships would crumble and we'd be left alone. Since we'd become such great friends at work, we still kept in contact but it took one of us to make the initiative toward a relationship together. Since that initiative, our lives have never been the same. Instead if dwelling on our failed past, we are constantly looking toward our future together. And sharing the kind of love, commitment and dedication neither of us received previously. In addition to providing the most important aspect we believe life should not be without - the element of fun and living life to the fullest. Rarely, since we've been together, do we ever sit and do nothing. We are two very active people that love each others company so much that we never want the day to end but at the same time look forward to the next new adventure everyday. Thanking Chris for his initiative, patience and unbridled love just doesn't seem like enough, but a vacation to Hawaii would show him truly just how much I do Love him!! (And since he doesn't know that yet, I could tell him in Hawaii).

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