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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

The Second Time is Best
Dedicated to Damaris Soule

Submitted by Tony

While she was in Hawaii with her boyfriend, I was seriously courting someone in Seattle. Neither relationship worked out, and last Valentine's Day I took out a free ad in the Seattle Weekly: "A Widower Needs to Move On WWCM/NSLDNSTD. 66, 198, 5'11"; mrd 44 yrs. Physically very fit; recovering from LTR failure; starting over. Classical music, theatre, arts lover; fishing, travel, hiking. $ secure; friends 1st; ltr-photo."

Damaris, a widow, was one of the first to call and write, and enclosed a lovely photo of herself in hiking togs. We had our first date in March, followed by several more, and we liked each other from the start. But, her old boyfriend had suffered a stroke, and needed help, and she felt that she had to help him, so we parted company on friendly terms, and I went on dating many of the other women who answered my ad. But, nothing seemed to work, so I spent most of the summer fishing. Then in August, Damaris called, and left a message; "Are you still dating?". I called her back, and found out that things didn't go well with her old boyfriend and his family, and it was all over, and she had been thinking about me all of the time anyway, and regretting what had happened. We started dating again, and then in October, we were "baby sitting" a Puget Sound oyster farm for 5 days for a close friend and fishing partner, and suddenly found that we were falling hopelessly in love. One morning, over breakfeast next to a huge picture window, with clear blue skies and the magic of South Puget Sound water and wildlife and Mt. Rainier in the background, I held her hands in mine, and proposed. She said, "yes! Oh, yes!", and we spent the remaining 3 days walking the beach and woods, eating clams and oysters, and planning what was left of our lives . In the evenings we called family, or visited with some of mine in the area, watching my young grandsons welcome a new grandmother into their hearts with great joy. In September, we drove down the coast to visit more family in California, to warm embraces all around, and joy for us both.

So, here we are, a widow with 47 years of marriage, and a widower with 45, having a big church wedding next Saturday, the 19th of February, with over 70 guests coming from all over, including Norway, to join in the festivities, and celebrate the union of a couple who are very much in love, and who thank God that we met. And, this summer, she will be my new canoe partner in Yellowstone.

Tony Novotny & Damaris Soule

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