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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

Three Is A Charm!
Dedicated to My Children

Submitted by Patti

I was married at 18 to Tommy. One day before our third anniversary he was tragically killed in an accident. We never had a fancy wedding or were ever able to go on our dream honeymoon to Hawaii, or ever have any kind of honeymoon at all. I remarried his best friend within a year after his death. We had one son together but 6 years of turbulence as he was not the best candidate for a father or a husband. We also never had a fancy wedding or any kind of honeymoon, and I certainly am glad I did not go to Hawaii with the rebound marriage I had with Vic. I met my third husband when my son was only 3 years old. Three was a magic number as it turned out. We fell in love very quickly so you could understand why I was nervous about this relationship at first. When we were married again I had just a plain justice of the peace ceremony as my others were. We didn't have the money for a wedding or a honeymoon of our dreams in Hawaii. By the way this was also my husband's third marriage so three was a charm! Perhaps someday we will get to Hawaii on a long overdue honeymoon. We have been together for 15 years, have 2 beautiful sons together, (three children in all, all boys!) We waited to have our first child together as were both a bit nervous about that strong of a commitment. My husband could not be a better father as he showed me by being the best stepfather to my oldest son that he could ever be. We have sons that are 19 (Vic), 9 (Anthony), 18 months (Tommy). The super man I am married to did not have a problem naming our youngest after Tommy. I told you 3 is a charm! Now maybe one day we will have that long awaited honeymoon in Hawaii that we both want someday. We would like to even have our vows renewed on this romantic honeymoon in Hawaii, what a dream that would be to come true.......

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