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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

A Honeymoon never had
Dedicated to my wife Cindi

Submitted by Ellaham

My wife Cindi and I were married on 11-30-1974 in Farmington Maine. We met while we were attending University of Hawaii-Hilo College. She was from Maine and I from the country - Kukuihaele, at the top of Waipi'o valley. We never had an opportunity to have a honeymoon and we have been married now for over twenty-five years.

Our lives has taken us back to Hawaii where we lived for the past twenty-three years and the last two here in Washington because of economics. While living there we enjoyed the beauty of the Big Islands Kona coast where we lived for eleven years. Living here has caused us to appreciate what we had. The people are what we miss most of all. There is a love there that was shared with all. The ALOHA spirit is that love. Cindi fell in love with me then with the people. My family took here in as one of their own. I fell in love with this goofy ha'ole from the mainland. When a friend of mine tried to make a pass at her, I managed to slip between them. She in fact wanted to "NECK" with him, but I knew what kind of person he was and wasn't about to let him use this gal. I was sort of a big brother to her.

We were separated when she left Hawaii to return to Maine to attend school there. It was then that my yearning for her was its greatest. I would sit on the front lawn and play my ukulele and sing the song by the Cazimero's "Only you". Thought I was crazy for feeling the way I did. Eventually I moved to Maine and got married. Since then I've always wanted to give my wife a real honeymoon and thought this would be a way to maybe get it.

After the kids came, three all together, there wasn't much time or money to get what was wanted. We barely had enough to get what was needed.

Now living in Washington has us yearning for the good old days of living on the slopes of Hualalai or living in Kukuihaele and its windy conditions but beautiful Waipio valley near by.Living in Hilo and all the rain there is pale compared to the gray and cold here.

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