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Love Stories of Hawaii

Long Distance Love

Our Year
Dedicated to Bradley

Submitted by Shawna

Our year started when my high school sweetheart and I decided to start dating again. We had ended things three years before when my first love left for the Marine Corp boot camp. There were other people to date but no one like my first love.

The romance started again when he came home one summer from Hawaii. He was stationed on Oahu and came home to visit family for two weeks. Those two weeks led to us being very much in love again. The feelings felt like they had never disappeared, everything felt natural. The only bad thing was we had two weeks before he left for Hawaii again.

Brad left the decision up to me whether or not the romance would continue. I was at college and he had a whole year left in Hawaii. I decided I would be giving up too much to let him go, time would tell and that is exactly what I let happen.

Well, time did tell, I am now married to my Hawaii sweetheart. Through many e-mails, letters, and high phone bills, the year went quite fast and he has now been home for almost two years. Due to being a college student while he was away, I never saw his Hawaii home. I dream of someday allowing him to give me a tour of the most romantic place in the world.

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