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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

A First Honeymoon
Dedicated to My dear husband

Submitted by Trista

My husband and I have almost been married 15 years, Feb.14,2000, we will be having our 15th wedding anniversary. When we got married, we like most newly married couples, had very little money. We received a small amount of money from our wedding, we couldn't decide weather to go on a honeymoon or buy a bed, since the bed was more what we needed, we went ahead and bought the bed. I sometimes regret not going on a honeymoon. Three or four years ago, I told my husband on our 15th wedding anniversary I would really like to go to Hawaii. We now have 2 twin 13 year old daughters that need braces, so there goes the trip. When I seen the Evening show and it said enter for Hawaii, I thought "why not", so here I am. I just want to tell my husband, Its been the best 15 years of my life, you have been the ultimate dad to our twin daughters, Mallory and Mandy. I LOVE YOU.

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