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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Unconditioal Love
Dedicated to My angels that led me to love

Submitted by Fusi

I was born and raised in Hawaii but had to leave abruptly 8 years ago and I have not been able to return home since. I was going through a divorce and had to leave the island just to keep my sanity. I know that I had a lots of love in my heart still yet to give and I wasn't going to let a bad relationship sour my heart. I married young because I thought that's what I was supposed to do, I didn't marry out of love. I needed love this time around.

A year later I made up my mind to start dating again so I went to a hot spot in Seattle. The next thing that happened was almost like a dream but I can remember every detail like it was yesterday. . . A beautiful tall figure walked past me and although I did not see his face a strong urge came over me in a loud voice saying "That's the one!" While pointing at him and saying "him?, that one?" he happened to turn around. I was caught pointing right at him so I gestured him to come over. We talked until the club closed. He called the next day. We became best friends but lived totally separated lives in different states. Throughout the years we saw each other off and on and fell in Love but never admitting it to one another. When I needed him, he was right there and there was nothing I wouldn't do for him.

I finally got a divorce in '96 and by then he was stuck in a marriage by obligation. I was so hurt when he gave me the news days later that he got married on a whim. I told him to never speak to me ever because I knew he didn't marry out of love and he was hurting himself by doing the same thing I did. Exactly a year later, he got a divorce and I was waiting with open arms still very much in love. That was two years ago and we have been through some very rough times. We made a promise to each other one night, that no matter how rough times got, we would never leave or quit on our relationship. He then gave me his necklace with a crucifix that he has had around his neck since he was seventeen. It always made him feel safe and he never let anyone else ever put it on except for his grandma months before she died of cancer. He wanted it burried with her but for some reason it wasn't. I knew how much it meant to him so I cherish it more than any wedding ring. We may not yet have a marriage license, but we belive in God's eyes we are married because we have a love that bounds us stronger than any piece of paper - unconditional love.

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