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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Dreams do Come True
Dedicated to Pamela

Submitted by Randy

She was fifteen, I sixteen when I first noticed her embracing smile and warm gentle laugh. Her smiling eyes caught mine and we soon became best friends. The first date, first kiss, and four years later we were married.

Two young kids with their apartment, filled with more hopes and dreams than possessions. We continued to grow, a house, a beautiful daughter, a strong willed son, a business, then not a business. The constant, our history of support and understanding of each other's strengths and weaknesses that we had built our friendship.

Each year we pause to celebrate Feb. 18 the date of our commitment to each other's life.
We reserve the day to renew are friendship and remove ourselves from the stresses of everyday life. Four years ago we were able to achieve one of our dreams with an anniversary celebration in Hawaii. When I reflect on our relationship the islands were the perfect places to honor our journey together in this life. The excitement and preparation for the journey equaled our youthful energy and hopes of joyous life together. Arriving in Hawaii we found smiling faces all around and again I am again the sixteen year old boy captivated by her embracing and carefree smile. We spend the week watching sunrises from a volcano tops and beaches. We walk holding hands during the sunsets over the ocean, watching for that split second when the sun blinks away. We dine in restaurants with hosts which encourage us to stand and enjoy the sunset as if a ceremony. Each day our love renews and grows stronger. We are entertained with the Hawaiian traditions of feasting and dance.

We sit in the sun and watch a rainbow filled with promises and hope develop in front of our eyes. Just as our love and life started to develop some 27 years ago. Each day I never what to be apart or to miss that smile.

I leave the islands realizing what I thought would be a once in a lifetime experience was much too important in our lives to allow this to happen. I have been given a wonderful gift of love and friendship. I am thankful for a place such as this to celebrate and return to that feeling of a sixteen-year-old with his first love. A dream that I plan on revisiting.

Forever in love at sixteen,
Randy D.

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