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Love Stories of Hawaii

Long Distance Love

Surprises and Patience
Dedicated to Justin Howe

Submitted by Shanna

As a girl, I used to look out the window of our three-story house and wonder where the man that I was going to marry was at. Had I passed him on the streets? Did we know each other? Little did I know that in a few years, I would begin to hear about him on a regular basis, and not even know it.

My parents moved me to a new town, and I became friends with a boy named Thad. Thad would often tell me stories of the adventures that he and his step-brother, Justin, would have when Justin came to visit for the summer. A few years later, Justin moved to our town to attend college. One evening, after a mutual friend's wedding, my friends and I went over to Justin's house for some socializing. That's when I got to know Justin. He showed me the pictures of Hawaii that he'd taken on a vacation with his parents. We talked all night long about many topics, including how wonderful it would be to spend a honeymoon in Hawaii. He said that he had a great time with his parents, but it would be wonderful to go back someday with someone he loved and could share it with. We became fast friends, but it would be another year before we admitted our deeper feelings for one another. When we finally did admit our feelings, we spent a wonderful summer together, but the inevitable was about to happen. I had to return to Grand Forks, ND, five hours away from our hometown of Sioux Falls, SD. We were heart-broken, but determined not to let the physical distance between us cause an emotional distance. For two years we braved the monotonous 5 hour, one-way drive to spend just a weekend together. Our summers together were a blessing, but too short. We vowed to never go more than 2 weeks without seeing each other, and we did it, even if it proved to be trying at times. Then, during our second spring break together, we ventured to Florida, where on a post-sundown, warm evening, he proposed on a secluded beach. I answered with tears and a resounding "yes!" Now, we have a wedding date of August 18, 2001, along with another year of living apart. We plan to go on that Hawaii honeymoon that we talked about so long ago, and to never be apart again.

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