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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Our Love
Dedicated to Tooish ( my bride)

Submitted by Manuel

I met my true love seven years ago; we are high school sweethearts. I have shared so much with this incredible woman; I can never imagine my life with out her warm smile. We have had our share of ups and downs but my love for her and her believing in me always seem to pull us through. I have thought of our wedding day for the past couple of years and finally had the courage to ask her last new years. It has been very difficult this past year; my job asked me to relocate for about 9 months to open up some new stores in Kansas. She was so supportive, If it was not for my beautiful bride I would not have gone, everything in our lives was so perfect, then this. So we packed my things and she drove up with me, all I could think about was how much I was going to miss her, the sound of her voice, her smell, watching her talk and mess with her hair. It was hard, the phone company sure loved us then, I would call her just to see where she was, what she was doing. I knew it was hard for her but she always seem to make it better when we would talk. Well those days are now over and this trip being away made our love even stronger, I never thought that was possible. So I am finally driving back with a smile on my face and tears in my eyes, I can't wait to walk through the door and feel her hugging me just like the dream I have been having for months now. I want to make our wedding so special because our love is truly one of a kind, she sees my flaws and makes them better without even so much as a word, she has a way about her that makes me feel like I am the only one in her life. When I tell her I want to give her the world, her reply is, you are the world, that's all I need. So this is why I want to give her such a great honeymoon, Hawaii is a dream place, and she is with out a doubt my dream bride. We were made for each other; I just want the best for her, for us.

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