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Love Stories of Hawaii

Long Distance Love

Love Over seas
Dedicated to Mike

Submitted by Katie

My friends told me we were going to visit a friend in San Diego. While we are there we
are going to Tijuana. I was so scared. I had heard all of the horror stories but not to be a party pooper I went along. When we arrived to the club I noticed this guy. It was like love at first sight. I knew I had to go talk to him. When my friends went up to him he didn't say much so I said good-bye and went and danced. Later on he came up to me and we hit it off. I gave him my number and we spent the whole next day together. That is when I found out he is in the navy and stationed in Hawaii. I got his email address and we have been writing back and froth. Even though we are a sea apart we are still talking. He came out and spent Christmas and New Years with my family and me. Now I am trying to save the money to go and see him although I am attending college it is very hard, but I have to go to Hawaii to see him again. There is something about him that I cannot get enough of, hislove.

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