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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

At Last
Dedicated to My Husband

Submitted by Beverley

Where does one start, well I think at the beginning would be good. Was on my way to visit my son in Hawaii as he was station on Oahu(I believe that how it is spelled) LOL. All started one beautiful day sitting outside talking to someone I had just met and I saw someone sitting over in the corner wearing a blue hat. Off he went so I followed him to the beach and out there was the person with the blue hat. Apparently, he was out thinking about his divorce that was over. To shore he came and we started talking. That night we, including my son went out for pizza and he gave me a cashier's cheque for his portion and I said I know how to spell "his" last name before his was born(only 2 yrs younger). He asked for my phone#, I gave it to him (he called, he called) One day, back where I lived, I went to my office which I was going to open on Monday, get call, how would you like dinner, thought he was calling from a phone booth. "Where are you"? In Longview, how far"? You mean you would come 150 miles to take me out to dinner? Yes? Well, ever since that first date, I have been with him. A happy 10 yr marriage.He is my 4th marriage. People say 4 & I say don't you get 3 strikes and you are out? Well, I am on my 1st strike second time up to bat, next ball, "I Hit A Home Run". I wouldn't trade him in for al the tea in china.

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