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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Dedicated to Tony Schultz

Submitted by Heidi

I consider myself to be very lucky. No, I consider myself to be extremely lucky for I have met my soulmate.
We wanted to get away so Hawaii was the place. It's odd, you don't recognize how badly you need a vacation until you are actually on one and realize how great it feels!
Once checking into our hotel, I took Tony's hand and led him outside where my paradise became his paradise. It was then that my eyes were not the only one's sparkling.
The day we arrived was our one year anniversary. When you are with the one you want to spend the rest of your life with, the feelings are multiplied beyond belief.
Knowing that The Hanohano Room was my favorite restaurant, Tony surprised me with dinner overlooking Diamond Head. To celebrate our one year we thought that champagne was in order. Good champagne, good food... when you're in love, EVERYTHING tastes better!
Though we rarely order dessert, Tony summoned the waiter and asked for the dessert menu.
The waiter handed me the menu and it read:

Where Dreams Come True
W aterfalls at Niagara...
"Wonderful Chocolate Mousse"
I Love You To...
L ove at First Sight...
"Triple Cinnamon Delight"
L ove Me Forever & 2 Days...
"Delicious San Francisco Frozen Grapes"
U and Me, Hand in Hand...
"Venice Beach Surprise"
M emorabilia of Our Lives...
"New York Cheesecake" or "Leavenworth Mud Pie"
A. K.A. "Your Tonster"...
"Delectable Cannoli"
R eal True Love is Hard to Find...
"You Jump I Jump"
R emember Tonight, September 5, 1998...
"Cookie Dough Ice Cream"
Y ou Will be Forever my...
"Hiya Delight"
M i Amor, Eternity and One Day...
"Electric Bliss Sorbet"
E veryday I Love You...
? of a Lifetime...
"Will You be my Wife?"

It came clear to take the first letter of each sentence. Each line had a memory of our year together tied into the name of a dessert. It was the most overwhelming and exciting thing that has ever happened to me, to us.
Tony gets up and stands next to me. As I finish reading this "menu", he gets down on one knee, takes out a beautiful ring, holds my hand and says...
"Heidi Lynn Fisher, I love you very much. Will you make me the happiest man and be my wife? Will you marry me?"
In tears I reply, "Yes. You'd make ME the happiest woman on earth. Yes I'll marry you."
The feeling was incredible. I was, still am and always will be totally enamored by Tony. I love him with my heart, mind, body and soul. Hawaii will always be close in our hearts. It is a time like no other. Whether it be #1067, PONO, 5-7 Turtles, 30SPF vs. Accelerator or getting your feet "read" while getting a massage, we will always cherish our memories in Hawaii. When the one you marry is your best friend, you have it all.

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