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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

The Pearl
Dedicated to The Idea Of Timeless Love

Submitted by Lindsay

Her wrinkled feet left irregular prints in the moon-glazed sand. It was close to 3:00 am and I was in the process of trying to bring Grandma back to her room. Her 78 years had brought her money, family, and everything that I would call sheer joy. But this silver-haired woman was always searching. Grandma always wanted to go back to Hawaii. Her father was stationed in the military there many years ago. My husband and I decided to take her on one of his business trips to Honolulu. What I thought would be a quiet bask in the sun turned out to be a constant job of supervision. Now I was chasing Grandma along the beach, asking her to please come back. She had suffered from Alzheimer's and it was painful to watch her blindly search her memory for things that she would never recall. "I have to talk to Jake," she told me as she slowly turned behind a wall of rocks. I followed her and found myself in a secluded cove. I touched her shoulder. All of a sudden she sat down in the sand and stared at the cool water's reflection of the stars. "This is my Jake's secret beach," she whispered. Well, it surely wasn't secret anymore. Crushed beer bottles and old fast food wrappers piled up against the grimy walls. "See?" she said. She guided me to a cave and traced her fingers against the cold stone. "JP+LK-1941." It was barely visible. "Jake told me to come back to his secret beach and we'd be together again." She fidgeted with one of the many gems on her fingers, a pearl on a thin gold band. "Let's go back, Grandma," I urged her gently. "Wait," she muttered. She struggled to pull off her pearl ring. Before I could stop her, she thrust it into the waves. Grandma didn't wake up the next morning. We held the funeral in Honolulu. The day before everyone left, my mother came up to the hotel room with tears in her eyes. "My mom wanted you to have these, they're her diaries." Very much disturbed by Grandma's sudden death, I retreated to that secret cove and read for hours and hours. Suddenly came a story with a familiar name. Grandma had been engaged to a handsome young soldier named Jacob Pike. Just before their marriage, he was killed in the bombing of Pearl Harbor. She had saved letters and paintings that he had sent her. The sun was setting. I had to go back inside and pack. We were leaving tonight. I looked around the cove and wondered about what other secrets were hidden within these walls. The sun illuminated something close to the water. Grandma's pearl ring had been swept ashore. I picked it up and squeezed it on my finger. I walked out of the unlocked cove and looked into the sunset. I whispered, "Don't worry, Grandma, your search is over now."

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