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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

The Secret
Dedicated to Patricia and Jim

Submitted by Suellen

One day, as we were sitting at the Coffee Shop discussing clothes, Patricia confessed a secret to me.

"I wouldn't wear anything but a silk bikini under my skirts and dresses," she admitted.

I blinked. Who would expect to find such abandon, such passion, hidden beneath Patricia's carefully-pressed skirts, her tailored tweed jackets? Though her eyes sparkled a clear young blue, Patricia was a widow past retirement age -- not someone you would expect to flaunt bare-skinned charms. She giggled quietly. Her brows rose above her glasses in mischievous V's. The next time I was to hear that giggle, Patricia brought pictures of her trip to Florida to show me, and standing beside her in most of them was a slim, distinguished-looking man.

"Oh, that's Jim," she said nonchalantly. "A widower. Very nice."

The next thing I knew, she and Jim were going to the Bahamas together. She brought photographs back to the coffee shop to show me: Jim, looking taller and leaner, wearing a big smile. He asked her to marry him.

"What, leave New England? No way!" she told him. She'd lived there all her life.

Every winter, Jim took her on a cruise to a different place. Soon it seemed they'd been everywhere together, and still she wouldn't marry him.

"Where do you want to go now?" he asked one day in desperation.

"Hawaii," came her single word reply.

He arranged a three-week trip, garlanded her with leis of carnation and plumaria. They sipped Mai Tai's by the sea. When she came home this time, on her hand she wore a slim gold band. I bought her a wedding gift at Victoria's Secret.

"I'll wear them on special occasions," she promised me. "Under my Aloha wear."

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