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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Till death do us part!
Dedicated to All Who Know What The True Meaning Of Love Is

Submitted by Valerie

My heart burst at the moment I realized that I loved her. I should have seen it sooner, I thought as I watched another I.V. tube being changed from her arm. Her face was pale except for the rose color on her cheeks. Her eyes seemed to defy the fact that she was dying. They were as bright as ever and bluer than the blue jay singing on the tree limb outside the open window. It was the only sound in the room after the nurse left again. I turned to her and my heart stopped. Her head was falling slowly to her chest and her eyes began to droop. No, I almost cried. Don't die yet. I haven't had a chance to say I love you. I thought it was in my head, but I could have sworn that she said, I know and I love you, too. I frantically looked around the room, mad that someone could play such a cruel joke at a time like this. My eyes finally rested on her face. I looked closer and I saw that she was trying to hide a smile. "Shay?" I whispered. "Oh, please, Shay, hear me." Then I began to pray to myself, not one word coming from my lips. As I was halfway through, I heard Shays voice join in and finish off the prayer with me. What was going on? Before I could ask any questions, Shay's blue eyes opened wide and there were tears in them. She started to speak and I knew something was happening. "I could feel it in my heart. I use to love hearing that prayer. It always gave me courage when I was in here and didn't know if I was going to make it through another test or blood draw. Cameron, from the day we met, I have been able to hear your thoughts. I was surprised at first, then I realized that it was meant to be. We were made to help each other. I knew when you were sad and I loved to hear you when you were concentrating on something I said. Like you are now. I can hear you asking yourself how this is possible." I smiled through tears I hadn't realized were falling. "I love you," was all I could say to her. We talked and laughed and remembered old times all through the night and into the early morning. As I awoke, my heart broke. I opened my eyes and looked at her dove-white face and started to cry. My best friend, my soul mate and the love of my life had died. She taught me so much that day that every time I pray or think hard, I know she can hear me in the big blue sky.

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