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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Time Alone
Dedicated to my wife, Mary

Submitted by Tom

It had been 25 years - a major milestone in our lives. How time had flown by. It seemed just yesterday we were taking our wedding vows, and now, suddenly, we were getting old, had four kids, a mortgage, busy lives with no time for each other. We had poured our lives into our kids and had forgotten about each other. I hardly knew her. I remember being so much in love and wanting to be with her all the time. But the kids came early; first Beth, then David, then we made the decision to adopt. Ann and Andrew were a handful. Born to drug-addicted mothers, their needs were more than we realized. It left no time for us! Twenty-five years! It was time for us. We took ten days off, thanking God for friends who took care of the kids. Maui was a beauti ful place to rediscover the love we had for each other. Sitting on the beach, walking on the shore just looking for shells. We cooked together, talked, watched each other, and learned about each other, taking the time we should have taken for 25 years. Time alone. We do it now. No way to know how much time alone we have left. No time to waste.

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