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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

Trollin' in Hawaii
Dedicated to Paul Jorgenson

Submitted by Elizabeth

Paul and I first met in high school in 1982. We were merely acquaintances; in fact I had a crush on his best friend! He attended high school with me for 2 years and we had a few classes together, but he transferred in the beginning of our junior year and we did not cross paths until many years later. It was June, 1990, when I was hired at a company in Redmond and I ran across his name on some business card proofs that came across my desk (he worked for a division of the company I was hired for). I asked the Human Resources director a little about Paul and she told me enough to lead me to believe he was the Paul Jorgenson I knew from high school. So I inserted one of my business cards in his box of cards so that the first one he would pull out would be mine. Time passed and he didn't call, so, to be honest, I almost forgot about what I had done until he called me in late October (4 months after I put the card in his box). We made plans for a date on the upcoming Saturday. We continued dating for a few years and we had come to the point that we talked about marriage. I always joked that when he asked me, would he give me a troll (doll with long hair) ring for my engagement ring because I collected them. Well, we planned a vacation to Maui, Hawaii, in September 1993 and I wondered if that would be where we got engaged. Our first day there, Paul bought a bottle of champagne and I didn't really think about why. We went on many excursions and crossed paths with many newlyweds and I kept commenting on them all. Paul just kept saying, "I'm not ready." Well, our last night had come and our bags were packed and our bottle of champagne was still unopened. So Paul decided we needed to go on our last beach walk that night and drink up the champagne. I had no clue what was about to happen because earlier that day he had told me that he wasn't ready for marriage. We walked and talked on the moonlit beach and finally picked the perfect spot to sit and enjoy the scenery and our bottle of bubbly. After a glass, to calm his nerves I'm sure, he got down on one knee and pulled a troll ring out of his pocket and asked me to marry him! I thought he was joking; I believe my exact words were, "Stop yanking my chain, you're joking right?" After several minutes of convincing me he was serious, I said YES on Kamaole Beach III in Maui, Hawaii, on September 23, 1993 and we got married on October 1, 1994, and on top of our cake were two wedding troll dolls.

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