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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

True Love the Second Time
Dedicated to Paul Marano

Submitted by Patricia

We had both been in Hawaii for a number of years and both of us had been through a first marriage. However, who would have thought that by taking a temporary job at Kaneohe State Hospital that I would meet the most wonderful man to whom I have now been married for twenty years. I was a secretay for the Social Services Department and he was a psychologist on one of the wards. My dilemma was how to get this guy to notice me, and if he did notice me, would he even ask me out? I was of the old-fashioned mode where the girl did not ask the guy out. Who wants rejection? What I did notice and admire about him was that he was friendly to everyone, whether he or she was the patient, kitchen help, or higher level staff. During lunch he would sit at different tables to get to know people, not just at the doctors' table. So I devised a plan of trying to eat at the same table in the lunchroom with him and then try to get closer and closer. I also started asking questions about him: Was he married; did he have a girlfriend; was there anything really odd about him that I should know about before I invested any time in this? All the questions were answered to my satisfaction, so what to do? When I finally sat next to him in the lunchroom and had a conversation, he seemed really nice, stable; like a guy you could bring home to Mother, but then he pulled the fat off of his pastrami, and I thought that is really weird. But my next thought was, okay, he doesn't want to get fat. That's good. It actually took a couple more times sitting by him in the lunchroom before he asked me out. The conversation was about how wonderful motorcycles are, especially in Hawaii, because of the great weather and almost becoming one with the beauty of the island. So somehow, I muttered "that sounds great" and he then asked me if I would like to go to the North Shore on his motorcycle. I said yes, and then confessed that I had never been on a motorcycle. No problem. He was right. It was a wonderful experience; your senses are heightened so much more on a motorcycle. Being on the motorcycle and on a first date with the man I was going to marry made Hawaii so much more beautiful and special that day. After the North Shore, we went back home, got our rackets and played tennis. We then went out to dinner that night and have been together ever since. We have a Harley now and live in Washington, but Hawaii is still my favorite place for true love and motorcycling.

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