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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

We won again at Lihue
Dedicated to Lieselotte (my beloved wife)

Submitted by Peter

Reading will be a challenge, as I am German and trying to write American. It was winter 1988. Exactly December 20th when I convinced my wife that we should do something to regain love and dedication for each other. My wife was absolutely busy with her master class (hair stylists). And myself, I was 150 percent dedicated to my company work. We lived together, but only saw each other by chance. And my wife was pregnant (14th week). We would like to fight back to gain love and understanding and have a good start to becoming parents and a real family. We said, "Let's stop working and start spending some time just with us." After a while we decided to go to Kauai. It was the travel agency guy who offered us this opportunity. We accepted because none of us had a clue how to get from Germany to the islands. (Now I know that even the travel agency does not have the slightest idea). The travel should be not too problematic, we were told: Direct flight with just one stopover, hotels booked in Los Angeles, car reserved in Honolulu, certainly a ferry to Kauai. To make a long story short: stopover in London. No hotel booked in Los Angeles. A very bumpy flight to Honolulu. No ferry, no rental car. We got the last flight from Honolulu to Lihue. We got a very expensive rental car and finally we found the hotel (Lihue Hilton?) and entered the room. The first sunrise made us happy. The people made us loving this island and we enjoyed every second (JJ Broilers, Coconut Plantation, Poipu Beach....). After some weeks, it was the biggest problem to head back home again. We didn't want to leave Kauai! We will never forget Kauai. And we won back our relationship with deep love and understanding. Our first son was born some weeks after our return. Sometimes I think, the sun of Kauai has made him something more friendly and special.

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