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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Will You Marry Me?
Dedicated to Love

Submitted by Justin

"Grandma, what was it like when grandpa proposed to you?" "Oh, Love, that was over forty years ago, but I still remember like it was yesterday... We had just returned from a Sunday evening hayride, and he and I went to the Baskin Robbins for some ice cream. Justin had been acting strange, and I was beginning to wonder. He had taken on an extra summer job as well, and we weren't getting to spend as much time together as I wanted. In fact, most of my friends had been whispering and giggling at me, and it worried me. We were sharing a banana split, and I noticed everyone else in the restaurant was really quiet, but Justin, he didn't want to talk about them, he said, "I can't drink in the sight of you fast enough to satisfy my thirst. I could drown in the vision of you, and be yet unsatisfied." Suddenly, his face turned red and he stammered something about getting napkins. When he had gone, I looked around, and everyone was staring at me with the strangest looks on their faces. I was sitting there feeling more and more confused when I felt hands on my shoulders, and I heard Justin's soft sweet voice in my ear. "You are my morning star, a bright beacon shining bright in the midst of my darkest nights. You are my sunlight at noon, giving me purpose, a course for my actions, and warming my heart. You are my evening rain, a blessed cool relief after a long hard day. You are the air I breathe and the water I drink. You are all the sustenance I need. My heart beats only for you, and without you, my life would be filled with ash and dust, and I would have never known joy. Without you, I don't want to live, so I must ask you this question." Then kneeling in front of me, he pulled a gold ring with a sapphire setting from his pocket, held it before my fingers, and looking deep into my eyes... "Jennifer Marie, you make me happier than any man in the world has ever been, and without you I am incomplete. Jenny, I want to spend the rest of my life with you. So I ask you from the bottom of my heart..." Then in a loud clear voice, "Jennifer Marie, will you marry me?" I said, "Of course I will, Justin, I love you!" Then slipping the ring on my finger, he swept me up in his arms and kissed me so passionately, it was several moments before I realized everyone was cheering. In my ear Justin whispered, "For the honeymoon, we are going to Hawaii. A tropical island paradise, you and I, fragrant flowers, and moonlit beaches. It's the perfect place to begin a perfect life together!" It all seems like a dream now, but we lived it! Our love is stronger now than it ever was!"

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