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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

They Said It Wouldn't Last
Dedicated to My Husband

Submitted by Susan

I met Bruce in 1971. I was age 13 and he was age 16. We were drawn to each other in a special way and over the next three years, we spent a lot of time together.

We came from very humble and poor families, so both of us had quit school and were working by 1973. I knew from the first time we met that Bruce was a very special person,and over and over again he touched my heart with gestures that most young men wouldn't think of. He was kind and generous to my younger brothers and many times drove me home from my evening shift job, even though he worked early in the morning.

Despite the objections of both families, we married in late 1973, and weathered the storms of teen marriage with hard work and determination. Both our families felt our marriage would not last. They did not know that Bruce and I were deeply in love. Over the years, Bruce has been a wonderful husband and a terrific Dad to our 2 girls. He's a hard working guy who has helped me to grow and learn. He encouraged me to return to school to get a high school diploma and then go on to college. He was there with tears in his eyes when I accepted my diploma in nursing. And it was he that circled the ad in a magazine that said "Nurses needed in Hawaii Hospital." So, with 2 teen daughters and an unknown adventure ahead, we packed up and moved to Oahu.

It was a defining time in our lives, and our whole family gained many wonderful experiences. A few times in our marriage I had mentioned that I would have liked to have a real wedding,unlike our first, which was small and quiet, but Bruce was never receptive to the idea. After 3 years in Hawaii, our 20th anniversary was approaching and out of the blue, Bruce asked me to marry him again. I was almost overcome! He told me that he loved me more now, if that was possible, than 20 years ago. We planned a luau on the beachside of our home, invited all our new Hawaii friends, and many members of our family. The wedding was so beautiful, with the ocean behind us and all our friends in front of us, I couldn't wait to say "I do, again" to this special man.

That was over 6 years ago and each anniversary brings back warm memories of our Hawaiian wedding. And I still chuckle when I hear the phrase: "they said it wouldn't last!"

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